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Yoga for 8-12 year olds - 11 ready-to-go class plans

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A digital download of 11 comprehensive kids yoga class plans aimed specifically at 8-12 year olds. Each class plan offers step by step instructions for teaching relevant and educational themed classes, with cross curriculum links, aims for each class and a list of resources required. 

Partner Fun!

Children work in pairs to explore yoga postures, learning to balance and support each other.


We travel the world, using yoga postures to learn about nature, geography and culture across the continents.


The children try group and individual yoga postures to represent the unity and events of the Olympic games.

Yoga for Sports and Athletics

A focus on the physical benefits of yoga for sports, especially to prevent injury. A yoga class with a more adult feel.

The Alphabet Body

We show how yoga helps particular parts of the body, using a fun alphabet-based game.

Building Balance with Yoga

The children explore their balance and practice staying centered when they face challenges on and off their yoga mat. This is about being OK with falling too!

What am I feeling? (part 1)

We consider how yoga makes us feel, trying yoga postures and breathing techniques to notice their effects on our bodies and minds.

What am I feeling? (part 2)

We continue to explore the way certain yoga postures make us feel. Do this class after Part 1.

The Yoga Challenge

A class about working together and building a yoga sequence based on the children’s knowledge and understanding about yoga poses learnt so far.

Shoulder Time

The children focus on their shoulders, releasing tension, building strength and opening the chest for a better posture.

Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space

The children identify and explore yoga postures that link to the five basic elements – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space.

For help with postures download the Big Yoga Posture Book.

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Yoga for 8-12 year olds - 11 ready-to-go class plans

3 ratings
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