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Kids Yoga Classes based on Movies

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Kids Yoga Classes based on Movies

Cosmic Kids official downloads
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Five kids yoga scripts adapted from hugely popular movies. 

Written and road-tested by Jaime

With dramatic plot lines and developed characters, these plans work really well for older kids aged from 7 to 12 years old. Many kids know these movies well, and enjoy reliving them through the yoga.

Included in the bundle are the following movies as yoga story scripts:

• Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

• Frozen

• The Wizard of Oz

• Star Wars - Episode IV A New Hope

• Alice in Wonderland

Each plan is written as a yoga story script, giving you the narrative of the story with the yoga poses indicated by the words in a different font to the rest of the script.

I recommend you use The Big Book of Kids Yoga Postures or our YouTube videos as a guide to all the poses, so you feel confident on what they are, what they do and how to instruct them.

As they are feature-length movies, the stories have been edited down to the main events and elements so they fit the timings of a yoga class. This also makes it possible for you as the teacher to learn them. Some of the kids may enjoy filling in the details as you work through the sequence.

There is also a handy pose list at the end of each story for you to keep nearby as you teach to remind yourself of the sequence.

They are designed to be used by kids yoga teachers who have experience teaching yoga to children. If you are keen to learn we have a free crash course as well as a full certification training. Both of these are online and you can find out more at

All of these plans have been written and road-tested by me (Jaime) in my own classes and I can safely say, the kids have loved them! That said if you feel you want to adapt any of them to suit you and your students, please go for it!

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